"Papaco Planet" is a surreal and bizarre world, which is located very close to the planet earth.
A world similar to the sci-fi worlds of 80's movies all colored. A world made up of many different worlds: the heart world, the caramel world, the banana world, the cactus world, and many others ....)
In the world of "Papaco Planet" there are the "Papaco Heroes".
The "Papaco Heroes" are a group of friends / heroes "Whity" Ghost, Aline "Nina", "Tina" Lady Unipork, Robot Heart "Michi" and many other friends ..., who defend the planet earth from "Garbage" Monsters ".".
The mission of the "Papaco Heroes" is to protect the environment and animals of the planet earth from the attacks of the "Garbage Monsters". The attacks of the "Garbage Monsters" are pollution and garbage. Their goal is to conquer the land, to create a junk world.

But the strength of the four heroes, together with the help of their friends, will defeat the evil plans of the "Garbage Monsters".